The Intelligent man has become a perfectly normal type. What we need, what offers some interest, what is rare because it has the anomalies of a precious being, the freshness and the freedom of the great anti-men, is THE IDIOT. - Tristan Tzara

John Gilkey is the Founder and Creative Director of The Idiot Workshop, a series of classes dedicated to building community by bringing contemporary clown and John’s own unique sense of humor to comedians, actors, dancers and artists of Los Angeles. Since it’s inception in 2012 over 700 students have passed through The Idiot Workshop. With a staff of eight instructors The Idiot Workshop now teachers over sixty students every week.

The Idiot Workshop together with John’s performance company Wet The Hippo, provides a place and infrastructure to support a widening community of performers and makers who value and encourage a shared search for the ridiculous and sublime.