"This show should simply not be missed... transcendent... absolutely hilarious... beautiful... the whole thing feels like a jazz symphony made up on the spot by Duke, Miles, Coltrane and Fitzgerald. Yes, the members of Wet The Hippo are that good." - LA Bitter Lemons.

 Wet The Hippo is an experimental clown company formed by John Gilkey in 2012.  John brings his expertise and unique sense of humor to Wet The Hippo. An overarching term for multiple shows, Wet The Hippo is a community of artists who value and encourage a shared search for the ridiculous and sublime, the sacred and profane. Out of WTH come many different shows, all along the lines of this search, under the original odd point of view of Gilkey, to dive deeply into the unknown, the uncomfortable and the undeveloped.  Shows are experimental in form and content and utilize music, movement, comedy and poetry.


“The most unassuming yet mesmerizing group of people you’ve seen in Los Angeles.  I left feeling more confused, inspired, fulfilled, curious and stunned then any live performance I’ve seen in a while.” - We Make Movies

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Lascivious, blasphemous and potentially dangerous...Spontaneous theater of the absurd" - LA Weekly